Providing Families with Chiropractic Care in Hobart

Clarence Chiropractic is a clinic that assists clients with their chiropractic needs. We attend to clients of all ages who come to us for a wide number of reasons. The most common reason for a person to get in touch with our team is aches and pains, which can be caused by various factors. Some choose us to assist them with long term spinal issues, or to simply improve their overall health and wellbeing. No matter what the reason, we pride ourselves on working with clients to try and create the best solutions for their individual situation.

Know how your body works

By knowing how the body works, we can work to improve its function and relieve complications. The human body is an organism that regulates and heals itself. Self-healing and self-regulation are functions that are controlled by the brain and spinal cord using the nervous system. The task of your brain and nerves is to constantly monitor and control what is happening in the body.

Just as your skull is responsible for protecting your brain, the moving bones of the spine are responsible for keeping your nerve roots and spinal cord safe. When there is a lack of movement or unusual movement of the spinal joints, there may be an interference with the regular functioning of your nervous system. Chiropractors call this subluxation, which is something we are specially trained to locate and correct. By reducing nerve interference, we aim to help you improve your overall functioning and health.

How we help

At Clarence Chiropractic you can receive a chiropractic alignment, which is achieved by applying pressure to a joint in a specific direction. The purpose of this is to boost motion to the joint in order to get it back to normal functioning. Safe and completely natural, this is a great way to improve the function of your spine and nervous system and your overall health.

There are a number of instruments that can be used during an alignment including hands, adjusting tables, pelvic blocks and hand held instruments. We select the instrument based on your individual situation and needs.

For more information on the alignment process and how we may be able to assist you, please contact us today.


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